Yoga is considered one of the best relaxing activities for adults and teenagers. It can be quickly done with fewer efforts, and a person can see results in just a few days. Yoga is an art where you master aligning your body and breathe in perfect timing with proper technique. Concentration is the key; if you get distracted, you would not be able to gain results.

Incorporating music with your yoga practice can be quite beneficial. Listening to yoga music helps to calm the mind, allowing you to enjoy the real pleasure of deep stillness and inner peace that meditation brings. The music itself has many properties that help to create a peaceful environment around you. Well, it is not necessary that every yoga instructor uses music and everyone has their individual preferences. But one thing can be sure that an influential playlist holds practical upshots. The selection of music also varies from culture to culture and the type of yoga you are doing. Let’s explore the benefits of yoga music

Benefits of Music with Yoga

Healing Power

We all know very well that yoga helps in healing the inner peace of the body. In simple words, just like a dessert at the end of a meal affects people’s mood; likewise, when music is added in yoga practice can increase the benefits of relaxing therapy. Studies and researchers have found that patients who go through yoga exercise with music get more positive results than those who do not. Relaxing music can renew the positive hormonal energy in the body.

Using of Mantra

Around the globe, many yoga instructors believe in using mantras during yoga meditation. It is a combination of sounds and words that delivers tremendous energy and power. People belonging to different religions have different beliefs. Some culture takes it as a great of relaxation, while some have a firm idea that it connects people to the Universe and Divine.

Balance & Concentration

Carrying out any task without concentration is like watching television while using your phone. Distraction will bring you no sound, no matter how good the service is. If you want to achieve good results in any task, you need to put your head down. Sometimes the mental or physical condition is at a high point that one cannot concentrate on the study. That is, music is suggested for yoga classes. Music will help you to create the perfect balance between your focus and body. Instructors should take care of one thing that music should align with their teaching style. You cannot play hip-hop music or go with repetitive songs.

Boost Immune System

Yoga with music therapy works great for people or especially patients who have an immune deficiency. The current situation Covid-19 has hit everyone hard, so if you are trying to build a better immune system while calming yourself, then you should try it. Yoga music directly boosts the operation of the immune system. As listening to it results in the production of immunoglobins in your body.

Get you in a flow

Warm-up is significant before starting any task, especially if it is related to exercise. Morning yoga can indeed be hard to join. Laziness and lack of energy will make it hard to do. Music will get you inflow and will help you to warm-up as well. For better productivity, the right zone is the correct flow. The piece can help the participants get in a meditative state with only a few minutes of listening. But do remember that it is not a Zumba class, so make sure the music’s choice is correct.

The Dos in Yoga Music Class

Before playing music in your yoga studio, make sure you read through this checklist of DOs to ensure you’re playing the music correctly.

Proper Music License

Before selecting any music for commercial use, the concerned person should make sure to get the proper performing rights organization (PRO). Your company, or if you are an individual instructor, will receive a hefty fine for not taking permission. The significant PROs in the United States are ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. You can check out the respective website for further information.

Instrumental Music

If you heard saying a yoga instructor that lyrics are ban in yoga class, then you have heard it right! Only instrumental music should play. You can combine the chants with the music rhythm. You can easily find out many kinds of music for yoga on the internet like YouTube or Spotify.

Know your Type

Everyone knows what type of music they like to listen to while practicing something. Regular music is different from choosing instrumental music. It would help if you listened to a few before creating a playlist. Make the right playlist before you head out for your yoga class. 

Here are some highly recommended music you can select for your yoga class

  • “Threnody,” Goldmund
  • “Crash,” Arms and Sleepers
  • “When We Were Young,” Robert Mendoza
  • “Far and Beyond,” Charles Bolt
  • “Dancing With a Stranger,” Carmen de Silva
  • “Painting The Horizon,” Deep Inside
  • “For Her,” Zoe de Vera


Do not panic if you are not into instrumental music or ruin your yoga by choosing a random song. There’s no such thing as a perfect song. You might spend several hours or a few weeks looking through songs to make sure they’re ideal. You might take help from a class partner or if you follow yoga instructors on social media, check out their suggestions on music.

Now you know the benefits of music with yoga practice. If you are already into yoga or are planning to join yoga classes, then you should try a piece with it. Just keep the above suggestions in your mind before going for it.

If you know other benefits or good music, do let us know in the comment sections below. Please share this article with yoga lovers’ friends as it might help them out as well.

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