How to add music to Power point? A Complete Guide

How to add music to Power point? A Complete Guide

Running out of ideas to make your presentation more engaging and wholesome, I might help you in this. Since music is shorthand of emotion, you can use it to make your slides more expressive and pleasing, and it will add a rhythm to your presentations. Being an audience, I know that it gets boring when you have more than 20 slides full of information to look upon without any sound, and you have to read. Make it fun for the readers and see the results. The masses may know about this, but those who are new to this presentation game can follow this article to know how to add music to PowerPoint. In this guide, I will provide some steps you can follow to add music to your presentations and get appreciation.

Steps to add music to your PowerPoint presentations

It is not always necessary to include a piece of music in your presentation because it is not appropriate every time. But put a song or any music you like where it is allowed to be unprofessional a little.

Stick to this guide, and you would be able to ultimately play your favorite track across the slides in your PowerPoint presentation.

Step 1:

Starting from the beginning, open up your presentation, select a slide you want to add music on. Go to the insert option where you will find an audio button, click that Audio butto

On that click, a dropdown will appear with two options that if you are adding audio/music from your device or you are going to record it.

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Step 2:

Now you have to choose, if you want to insert something from your device, then select the Audio on My PC option. It will let you select the audio file on your PC. After picking the file, select the Insert button at the bottom-right of the window. Check the format before inserting Audio, as PowerPoint only support few formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, and AAC


Else, if you want to add something freshly recorded, you must select the Record Audio options from the above step. Give your Audio a name, start to record. After finishing, select the play button to listen to what you record. If you are satisfied with the outcome, select OK to insert this Audio.

Step 3:

Once you click the OK, your Audio will be loaded in that particular slide you have selected in the first step. After loading the Audio, a speaker icon will appear on the slide. Through this, you can play this audio, pause it whenever you want, and control the volume according to your choice. Nonetheless, you will be able to move the Audio forward and back for 0.25 seconds

Step 4:

Moreover, you can format the audio settings using the playback option, which appears right at the top of the PowerPoint bar.

By default, the audio settings have set the audio style to No Style, making the Audio played to the slide it was added on in the first step. Also, Audio will get started only when you click on the icon over that particular slide.

It’s no big deal. You can change the audio setting by using the Audio Styles option. Audio will be played either on click or automatically. You can adjust the sound and make changes as well. Audio can be played across other slides also, and it can also loop until you want to stop it. 

All the above changes can be made by selecting the Play in Background option from Audio Style. Adjust your music according to your preference and enjoy the praises.

Step 5:

Besides styling, there are many more features there to make your Audio more gentle and perfect at the same time. 

These features are enlisted below:

  • Trim video
  • Add/remove bookmarks
  • Fade In/ Fade Out effect

I hope that the steps mentioned above would help, and you will add your favorite Audio in the background of your presentation. This is a complete guide and an answer to your most asked question about how to add music to PowerPoint. Try to make your presentations smooth by inserting some good tracks. If you are using good content and perfect styling but still think your presentation seems tedious, you must add some rhythm in your presentations; it would work as a cherry on top. There are many ways to add music in your slides, you can add it from YouTube or from any website but to add from your device it is always easy.

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