Everyone knows how to make their Instagram posts aesthetic these days. You can even upload a picture you just clicked on your Instagram and edit it there, as it has various filters to offer. It offers many built-in features to edit your picture. You can add spice to your photos using different filters, colors, text, and stickers. The problem occurs when it comes to the insertion of audio in your Instagram feed. Making your pictures stylish and attractive through Instagram features is simple but adding audio in the background is not as simple as it sounds to be. 

I would not say it is impossible in any way to make your feed melodious; it could be time-consuming but worth trying. But comparatively, adding playable music to your Instagram stories is relatively easy than adding music to your feed. Once you upload a story, there is a music icon in the sticker section, you just have to select that ion, and you will have a list of songs to choose between. Make a right choice of songs and let the viewer’s enjoy your stories.

It is a complete guide to instruct you how to add music to Instagram post. Just follow the process step by step and there you are done.

Insert Music to Instagram Post

Whether you are recording video straight from your app or you are uploading it from your camera roll, in both cases, you need to follow some technique to make it work.

Step 1: Through Free Apps

To add a picture or video to your Instagram post through third party app is the easiest way. There are many apps that would work for you, some of them are given below:

  • Flipagram

It is available on iOS and android for free. “You can pick from millions of 1:30-long video clips of songs, ranging from the ’70s Bee Gees hit “Staying Alive” to recent hits, once you have activated the app and built an account. You may also opt to import to your handset a song downloaded locally. 

During the video editing process, you can select a song before you start filming your video or add it after the fact. The music icon is in the upper right of the compose screen before recording a video. Tap it to check or browse, save, and add music options to your video.

You can press the music button from the video editing menu at the bottom of the screen if you want to add music after taking your video.

After your video has been edited with audio, you can upload it to Instagram, further edit it or keep it as it is.

  • InShot Video Editor

Also, you should try the InShot Video and Photo Editor on Android. To use this function, under Build Fresh, tap ‘Video,’ then import the video you want to use from your Camera Roll. You can edit the clip length from there and then add filters, blur effects, and add audio. A limited handful of short audio clips are available in InShot, most of them the regular fare you might use for a picture slideshow. However, you can opt to import and use it instead if you have sound clips or music saved on your computer

Step 2: Add music to Insta Feeds 

Unlike Instagram stories you cannot directly add the video to your Instagram feed. Therefore, to make it work, you need to follow some steps and get the solution of your problem that how to add music to Instagram post.

  • Firstly, the video you want to upload, should be uploaded as your Instagram story, after that, you can download it and make it through your feed.
  • To download a video from your story, look for three-dot icon in the bottom right of your story window and then make a selection. Tap Save to download the video only, and in order to download the whole content of the story, press save story option.
  • Once, you download the video from your story with your selected background music, now you can post it to your feed

If you love to get the most likes and your post or love to entertain people through your feed, then you should make your feed attractive. Now, it is easy for you to add videos from your device, but it is also possible to download someone else’s story if you like, and post it. Although it is difficult to download private stories due to permission and privacy but you can give them credits whenever you share their video, would make it less complicated. Since this guide is all about posting a video to Instagram post, so I hope you would be able to do it easily after following the certain steps. 

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